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IAPM Global Join Event: PMO Global Alliance

Seperti yang sudah diinformasikan dalam webinar Sabtu 3 October 2020, IAPM Network akan terus mengembangkan pengetahuan serta networking professional dan mahasiswa dalam bidang Project Managemen (Agile).


Berikut ini adalah even IAPM Global selanjutnya (Join Event) PMO Global Alliance :

Link details: https://www.iapm.net/en/news-events/iapm-network-meetings/details/26-10-2020-pmo-global-awards/

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2020-pmo-global-awards-experience-registration-112885064266

Note: Event akan disampaikan dalam Bahasa Inggris




PMO Global Awards Experience Conference 2020

PMO Global Awards Experience, the largest online conference on PMOs in the world happens every year where hundreds of professionals and organisations are brought together from the most diverse countries to recognize their exemplary work in the field of project management and project management offices (PMOs). In this conference, you will find unique opportunities for learning, experience exchange, and networking along with valuable insights to help you overcome the challenges of your PMO and your profession. The gala event is organised by PMO Global Alliance, the largest online community of PMO professionals across the globe with more than 10000 members from more than 100 countries.

This year the conference will be a virtual event due to pandemic situation. 

The event is free of charge. Feel free to share the link to this post, to give your friends and colleagues also the chance to take part in this conference.

Event details

IAPM Speaker: https://whova.com/embedded/speaker_detail/pmoga_202009/11308113/


Founder / Executive Coach, RMK Coaching
Author, FLEKS - Hybrid Project and Business Model
Digital Media Global Director, PMO Global Alliance

Link to register  https://www.iapm.net/en/news-events/iapm-network-meetings/details/26-10-2020-pmo-global-awards/  


Topics and Dates:

 1.Business Agility in the Digital Age

November 1, 2020
11:00 AM - 11:50 AM (WIB)

Business Agility is the ability to compete and thrive in the digital age by quickly responding to market changes and emerging opportunities with innovative business solutions.

The business agility will also allow the businesses to continuously deliver value even during uncertainty by innovatively and empirically disrupting the market for improving business results, increasing market share and building sustainable and resilient systems.

In this digital age, there is an immense need of building the business strategy in an agile way and continuously focusing on the digital-first mindset by efficiently using emerging technologies to unlock the potential of the digital revolution.


2. Ask the Experts: Hybrid Project Management

November 13, 2020
2:00 AM - 3:30 AM  (WIB)

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